What is this website?

The main purpose of this website is to help me refresh on my html skills. I'm in college studying something not related to coding and I haven't coded in a couple years. Before the end of this summer, I hope to remember/learn enough to set up my hobby website

However, I didn't want to just make a neocities website for the sole purpose of relearning html, that's lame. As such, I've decided to incorporate two of my favorite activities- finding weird/obscure facts, and telling goofy lies

That's where the name of the website, Magnus Ignotus, comes in. "Magnus ignotus", roughly translated in Google Translate, means "The Great Unknown" in latin (I would've chosen the english translation, but i couldn't figure out how to type everything in when making my account :p). In a way, I feel this phrase embodies the attempted jist of this website in more ways than one.

If I actually go through with this resolution, you should find my content here. In these stories, I'll do one of two things:

  1. I tell a completely true story
  2. I tell a story with an overall false narritive, but may have some truths sprinkled throughout to keep up belivability

At the end of each story, I should have it clearly stated whether the story was true or false. I should also have links to my evidence there

Hopefully, I'm able to keep this up so I have something like 20 stories before I go

Hope you enjoy :)


Last updated: 5/15/24